urchase with confidence from West Star Armory

At West Star Armory, your satisfaction is our commitment.

In fact, our commitment is so strong we now offer a Lifetime Gun Warranty.

Lifetime Gun Warranty Terms and Conditions
West Star Armory warrants to you that if any eligible* gun sold by West Star Armory ever becomes defective; West Star Armory will repair or replace the gun at no charge, subject to the following conditions:

The customer has contacted the manufacturers/importers Warranty Department (if available) and has used the Manufacturer’s Services. (Please retain communication from the Manufacturer and provide it to West Star Armory if requested.)

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.

  • If the firearm cannot be repaired, and no replacement is available, we will offer you a similar item (to be solely determined by West Star Armory) at no charge.
  • This warranty applies to new guns only. (See exceptions “*”, below)
  • Internet/Mail Order Customers: The Lifetime Gun Warranty applies only to firearms and does not apply to stun guns and other electronic devices.
    • Customers must pay any costs associated with sending the firearm to West Star Armory for repair or replacement. Insured shipping is recommended.
    • If a firearm is repaired, the firearm may be returned directly to the customer if it was sent from the customer’s address. If a firearm is replaced, the customer must take delivery from a licensed FFL dealer. The customer may have additional charges, such as transfer fees and background check fees if the gun must be replaced and resent to a dealer. West Star Armory is not responsible for these additional fees.
    • West Star Armory will pay for the insured freight back to the customer or the customer’s dealer if the firearm is defective. If the firearm is not defective, the customer is liable for return freight to his residence or his dealer.
  • This warranty covers the firearm as originally sold by West Star Armory, but does not extend to guns altered or rebuilt after their original purchase, or guns used other than for their legal intended purposes. It does not apply to scopes or accessories attached to the firearm when purchased, this is a Lifetime Gun Warranty.
  • Accuracy is NOT included in this Warranty unless there is a specific additional warranty made by a manufacturer.
  • This warranty covers the firearm against the manufacturer’s defects only. It does not cover the replacement or refinishing of parts that are subject to normal wear throughout the lifespan of the firearm.
  • If the warranty does not apply, we will offer a competitive repair bid for your approval before proceeding with any repairs.


*Exceptions include Used Firearms, Surplus & Military Firearms (new or used), Machine guns and firearms used for commercial, rental, or demonstrations, etc. Work & Repairs by anyone other than West Star Armory or the Factory void this warranty. This warranty applies to new firearms sold after September 1 st, 2009. West Star Armory shall make the final determination for any exceptions to this warranty.

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